The Hardest Enemies In Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal has a warm place in the hearts of many gamers, but some of the enemies that the players had to face made them a lot of frayed nerves. The difficulty will grow and the enemies will become more and more serious, in this article we will tell you about the most difficult enemies of Doom Eternal.

Elemental of Pain

The pain elemental is one of the very first opponents, so it won’t be that hard to defeat it. He looks like the cacodemon that you can see at the beginning of the game.
But in contrast to them, they have much more hit resistance and the main reason why they can become a significant obstacle for the players is that they are throwing at you with the lost souls that also explode.

The Terrible Knight

The Terrible Knight is an upgraded version of the normal Hell Knight. The latter also appear at the beginning of the game, indicating that the player will not have trouble getting rid of them, because their main weapon is the melee. He will run towards you to attack, pounce on the ground and cause a lot of damage.
Terrible Knight has more privileges than their so-called relatives and has weapons in the form of silver energy blades. He strikes the ground with these blades and it instantly ignites, dealing deep damage to players.


Whip is the first female demon in the game that can leave no trace of you with her attacks. She becomes especially dangerous when other types of demons are also present on the battlefield. The principle of her attacks is to get behind you and use the destructive whip, which can take a lot of lives.
Whip isn’t very strong, but her flexibility and quickness make killing her a challenge. We recommend using a freezing grenade against her to slow her down.

Fatal Hunter

When you get to the task where you have to chase the priest you will meet such an enemy as the Fatal Hunter. The priest created him to protect himself and he did not fail. This is one of the hardest doom eternal enemies.
His main weapons are tracking missiles and energy shields. Again, it is advisable to pierce the shield with the plasma cannon and then, at any cost, damage the body of the monster before the shield is restored.

Khan Makir

Khan Makir is one of the last bosses of the game and the worst nightmare of all players. It’s a huge creature covered with armor and has a lot of ways to attack, so you won’t be bored with it, trust me. The energy shield, which has to be destroyed before you can do any damage to your opponent, also adds a lot of complexity to the game.
The main attack of Khan Makir is shooting golden energy projectiles and purple explosion, which is especially dangerous.