Best portable laptop battery chargers and power banks of 2021

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Finding good portable laptop chargers can be difficult considering that portable laptop chargers are not as popular as phone power banks. But we have picked you a list of the best portable laptop chargers 2021, choose the best one for yourself.

How useful are portable laptop chargers?

People prefer not to bother and carry in addition to the laptop and the charger to him. They can recharge their laptop in a cafe or at the airport if they are going on a trip. Indeed to find a good portable device is not so easy, because you need it to be not big, convenient, and powerful enough to charge your laptop. But nothing is impossible. We will help you find the best solution for your laptop. After all, a portable charger is an indispensable thing for freelancers or travelers.
Below you will see a list of leaders among portable chargers by quality and price. Don’t waste your time on a non-functional tool, check out our review.

Best portable laptop battery chargers

• OMNI 20 USB-C is a powerful hp laptop charger that lasts all day. It has a high capacity and also allows you to charge multiple devices at the same time because of the multiple ports. The Omni 20 also serves as a USB hub, freeing up extra space in your bag
• The POWERADD PILOT PRO2 – has 10 kinds of connectors that fit almost all laptops on the market and also has a two-year warranty. It is quite a lightweight device that is comfortable to carry, the only disadvantage is the lack of USB-C ports, so it is not suitable for Ultrabooks and Macbooks
• MAXOAK APPLE MACBOOK CHARGER is a great charger that does the job as well as Apple should. Its capacity is top-notch but its power reserve is so large that it has even been banned from use in some airplanes, so keep this in mind. the battery is also quite weighty and weighs almost a kilogram
• QI-INFINITY UPGRADED POWERBANK is another rather powerful power bank, the power of which does not allow you to use it in aircraft. The charger offers five ports, four of which can be used for other 5-volt devices including tablets and smartphones. But the main feature is the fact that it can be put on fast charging mode and Qi from Qualcomm
• MAXOAK K2 is another powerful battery with a large capacity of 50 Ah. It is capable of charging laptops up to 60 volts and also has a fast charge function. It takes eight hours to fully charge your laptop. The main disadvantages are heavyweight, lack of USB Type-C, and ban in some airlines
• MOPHIE POWERSTATION AC – this portable device can charge even a MacBook Pro 15, and the USB-C cable is designed for 30 volts with the USB-PD marking, that is, in front of you one of the few chargers that can quickly charge an iPhone X or iPhone 8