Fixing Xbox error 0x97e107df

Fixing Xbox error

Users often complain about some errors on their Xbox gamepad. One of these error codes is quite common lately. What should you do if you see error code 0x97e107df on your screen? Now we will tell you.

What is error code0x97e107df

Xbox One is a Microsoft product that is designed for home entertainment in the form of games. This gamepad supports both online and offline games and is a unique entertainment system. Of course errors in the Xbox One occur, and they are not uncommon, but they are usually very easy to deal with. But there is an error code that causes a lot of problems because it prevents users from using the Xbox Live feature. This xbox error 0x97e107df prevents users from launching digital games or applications.
But what can cause this error?
This error occurs when the Xbox Live app can’t open a certain game in which license verification is a must. This means that the error occurs when your gamepad has a problem checking the license.
Below we have presented 3 effective ways to solve the error. Apply all of the following instructions until you find the right solution.

Check the status of the Xbox Live service

The first way is the trivial action of waiting for Xbox to finish its check, the status becomes normal and the error disappears. To check the console status do the following:
• Open your browser
• Go to the official status site of the Xbox Live service. If it turns out that the servers are not working, try to find the official Xbox Live support page on Twitter. The page should have all the details: a message about the problem and the approximate time in which it should be solved
• If the servers are running smoothly, the problem should go away, but if not, try the other solutions below

Check your network

Sometimes there can be some interruptions in the network, or it may not work fast enough, which naturally does not suit Xbox Live. To verify this version you need to do the following steps.
First of all, you need to run the network diagnostics
• Press the Xbox button to open the task manager
• Go to Settings, select the All Settings tab and then go to Network
• Click Network Settings. Under Troubleshooting, click Check Network Connection
After that, you need to reset your MAC address
• Click the Xbox button again to open the taskbar
• Go to Network again via the All Settings tab
• Next click on Network Settings and Advanced Settings
• Select the Alternate MAC Address button and then click on Clear
• Reboot your gamepad by going back to the home page and clicking Start Over from Reboot Console
This way you reset all your network settings and that should solve your problem.

Exit and re-enter

Another easy way that solves a lot of problems:
• Click the Xbox button, which will take you to the main menu, and click on the Home button
• Select your account by highlighting gamer-pic and exit
• Restart your console
• Repeat the Authenticate procedure